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No ones knows ACCO trucks like we do. For all your ACCO parts needs contact us today.

The Iveco ACCO is the proven workhorse of the Australian truck market. Since the 1970’s the ACCO has become a household name synonymous with reliability and robustness.

Tranzmile and Black Truck Sales support some of Australia’s largest ACCO fleets and can genuinely say that they know the ACCO truck better than any Dealer in the Asia-Pacific. Whether it is support the original ACCO A through to the current Euro 5 spec’d ACCO G.

We supply parts to owner drivers and fleets utilising ACCO’s for use as an agitator, compactor, tipper, hauler and a wide range of other uses that the ACCO has proven suitable for (including a wide range of on-farm use).

The ACCO is the preferred choice for use in the Compactor and Agitator sectors. Tranzmile and Black Truck Sales have been supporting owner drivers and small to large fleets in both the compactor and agitator sectors for over 15 years.

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